My story of Bladder Cancer

Well, I got a good report today.  The Doc says everything looked great.  He tried to show an Assistant in training the spot where the biopsy was done and she couldn’t distinguish the site.  I asked, "Is that good?"   The Doc said, "That’s very good"

I don’t think he bought into Dr. Lamms’ assesment of my arthritis.  I showed him the E Mail.  He, evidently, had worked with Dr. Lamm at one time for about a year.  It wasn’t like he was disrespectful about it, just a difference of opinion.  I know my body, and [i]I know where the arthritis came from.[/i]

I got the scoop on the stage and grade too.  Wendy was right (as always)….My doctor was telling me this summer that he was bumping the [i]GRADE[/i] up to a 2, not the [i]STAGE[/i]…so, this is how it stands…

Ta  G2

The Doc today said that was mild.  So, why have I been feeling so scared to death? 😕

My thanks to Wendy for this forum.  And I am so glad that I have met you all here at the Web Cafe  🙂

Rosemary Author