My story of Bladder Cancer

I guess we have to kind of see the humour in this, huh, Lauren  😛

I went to the GP today, at my family’s insistence.  I gave him the whole story of BCG’s, arthritis, etc.
He actually said that you (meaning me)  "obviously know more about the responses of BCG’s than I do"… because he had no other patients on BCG (figure that!).

Anyway, he X rayed my arm and hands and for some reason, he wanted a chest X ray and he wanted a bunch of blood.  The rash under my breast and in the female area is yeast and I got some medicine for that which cost me dearly.  After a total of $1450.00 later, I wonder if he will come up with anything different than what we have all surmised here.

I am giving great thought to what Wendy said about being over treated.

Thanks for listening you all.  I know I’m better off than some, but, it feels good to talk to people who understand and care.

Oh, I do want to say that if I do decide on the maintenance BCG’s ,then I plan to be eating a daily dose of yoghurt to keep the yeast at bay.  Considering that the yeast balance can be affected by treatment, I think I would recommend this to anyone on BCG.  (Just my humble opinion)

Rosemary Author