My story of Bladder Cancer

Hey all!!

I just want to report, for the record, that my terrible, horrible arthritis which upstarted 2 weeks after my 9th (10th??) BCG treatment has completely disappeared.

I haven't had a Celebrex or Ibuproffen in many, many weeks. 

For those of you who saw the photo of my HUGE "sausage toe" (that is my Rheumatoligist description of the toe) well, the toe is completely back to normal size.   

I had the hardest time convincing my Urologist that this arthritic reaction was caused by BCG.  All I know is that it came on like gangbusters during BCG and now, 10 months later it is completely gone. I hope this is proof enough, for the record….

What a time ::)


Rosemary Author