My Story

I am newly diagnosed with Bladder CA albeit low grade although I don’t know much about the grading. I have learned heaps already by reading tales from the trenches and lots of background info on this site. I had bowel CA 10 years ago which was cured by surgery and chemo with no recurrences to date (touch wood). I have a gene mutation which predisposes me to bowel CA so hoping this does not reoccur. Every year I have a whole series of tests to make sure any recurrence is detected early and treated.

Last September one of these tests (urine) proved positive to an abnormality in the bladder and a cystoscopy confirmed a new tumour. This was removed and biopsied proving malignant. After 3 months I had another cystoscopy to check for recurrences and sure enough there was another tumour. This has been removed and tomorrow I start the first of 6 weekly treatments with BCG to wash the bladder. Hopefully this will knock any future occurences on the head.

I am trying to remain positive and know that it was the preventative testing that diagnosed this thing so I am cautiously optimistic about a good outcome.

I am 54 years old and male and believe I still have my best years in front of me so am determined to focus on beating this thing.

Just needed to share my experience with others and I will update progress later.

Next posting May 2006

Thanks for listening to my story and keep up the great work. What a tremendous support group this is.

OK I am a 54yo male in Australia diagnosed with BC in September 2005
> following urine cytology. I previously suffered bowel cancer in 1996 and was
> cleared from this after surgery and chemo. Diagnosis in September following
> a cystoscopy was followed by a TUR with the following pathology reported:
> Date Received: 21 September 2005
> Date Reported: 22 September 2005
> Specimen: Bladder
> Clinical History: Small papillary tumour Lt. bladder wall
> Macroscopy: Two fragments of tissue larger 2mm in diameter
> Microscopy: Sections of the bladder biopsies confirm a
> superficial papillary transitional cell
> carcinoma. The tumour is of high grade type
> consi stent with WHO Grade III. There is no evidence in either
> biopsy of underlying invasion.
> Conclusion: Bladder – superficial papillary transitional
> cell carcinoma WHO Grade III.
> In February 2006 I had a follow up cystoscopy which showed a recurrence
> resulting in another TUR being done and the following pathology report:
> Date Received: 9 February 2006
> Date Reported: 10 February 2006
> Specimen: Bladder
> Clinical History: ? Recurrent papillary TCC – flat lesion at bladder
> neck.
> Previous histology: UP05-2790 TCC Grade III
> Macroscopy: Four fragments of tissue largest measuring 8 x6 x
> 6mm
> Microscopy: Sections of the bladder biopsies confirm multiple
> fragments of tissue derived from the
> bladder neck. The epithelium is markedly
> thickened and shows dysplastic change s consistent with the
> diagnosis of carcinoma in-situ. In other areas small papillary
> structures are identified indicating early transformation to papillary
> transitional cell carcinoma.
> Conclusion: Bladder neck recurrence – papillary transitional
> carcinoma WHO Grade III with adjacent
> areas of carcinoma in-situ. There is no
> evidence of stromal invasion. – superficial papillary transitional
> cell carcinoma WHO Grade III.
> Following a 6 weekly treatment with BCG I had a further cystoscopy and
> biopsy this week and am waiting on the results which I will get along with
> the latest pathology report on 8 June (always seem to be waiting for
> something).
> I have tried to compare the stage in my pathology with those shown in Tales
> From the Trenches, but I have not been able to draw comparisons of where I
> fit. Perhaps the staging is different over here in Australia.
> Can anyone help with some interpretation of the pathology findings please?
> Frankly I don’t know how serious my condition is or what the
> prognosis/statistics say for someone with my condition. I find this all very
> confusing. I guess I need to be asking a lot more questions of my Urologist
> when I see him.

Further updates to follow.

mildew Author