My TA Bladder Cancer Account.

I was diagnosed with superficial bladder cancer on July 17th 2007. Prior to this I had noticed what looked like small bits of black gravel going back about 18 months to two years while using the toilet. There was no frank bleeding as such. I did not want to believe that it could be clotted blood but in fact this is what it was. Because the things sank I said to myself that it can't be blood because blood doesn't sink. I thought they might be bladder or kidney stones. Ultimately the things started getting bigger and at last looked like blood. My GP sent me for a cystoscopy during which a single tumor of about 2cm was discovered. I had the TURB 2 weeks later. The consultant told me that it was superficial and non-invasive but that they would do a cytology test. This confirmed that the tumor was of the earliest and least aggressive kind.

I had my first follow-up cystoscopy three months later. It was clear and the doctor told me I could came back 9 months later for another. This was in July 2008. Still no reccurrence. The next cysto was booked for a year's time. But in May this year I had E.coli cystitis. It took 2 months and 3 different antibiotics to clear it. My next cysto is on August 25th. I would not have been too worried about this but for the infection. I will wait until after  then before adding to this account.