My tretment with interferon after BCG failure

  I would like to tell you all about a treatment I have finished. First a brief history of my case. Please forgive my spelling. I am a male 57 years old born and raised in Michigan. Never had a bad heath problem. I also work consruction and am conciderd very heathy. Some say like a man of mid 30. This is long and I think worth the read.

 On Feb 6, 2006 I was getting an exam (cisto)to see if I could undergo a treatment for BPH inlarged but not cancerise prostate. I did not have visable blood but microscopic on rutine exams for my pilots license. I had an urginsy to pee for a couple years. Uro lined me up for a TURB two later on the 8th. WEll it tuned out to be  two small tumers T-1 and not in the muscle.By the way one was near the top of bladder and one in lower trigone. Of coarse it was cancer high grade carcinoma insistu.

    So now he sets me up about three week later for 6 BCG treatments. After this and and the normal wait time I go in for anther turb in  May. No tumers or none that he really talk about. But he resected the same areas. Still the same results as in Feb. So now he gets all fired up wants to remove my bladder and prostae you know an the big RC. He wants to do it in June. I say I need to look further into this.

    Well I came accoss a man that had it done roboticly. So I go to uro and and get the RC  lined up for  Augest 21. Well three weeks before the surgery My insurance refuses to pay for. They say they concider it experamentle. There was an appeal process but they shute me down.

  So in the mean time one of my costimers tells I need to go see his uro a big time highly repected man in the Detroit area. So he reads prier path reports, Says he thinks i am between a t-1 and and t-2, but wants to do his own TURB so we do this on so on the 25 of Augest we do it. Same results as in  Feb and May no change, I concider this good thing it no worse. Now this Uro offers me 3 options one is RC, the other is chemo and radiation 60 percent chance to save, the other is interferon and BGC. Very expensive drug I pay 25 percent. We go for the 6 interferon bcg combo. This starts 3 weeks later. I get to the fourth one and have some kind of reaction. Please note with BCG I was never sick but on this I had a fever everytime. Also my urine was very clear when we started after the first treatment my irine was cloody. So I took samples and all this like tisue would settle to the bottom of container. I told docs office they said no big deal. So we dont do the last 2 treatments. Pee starts to clear up alittle after a couple of weeks. So now we do the last turb on No 27th and no tumers just find taht bladder in irritated and inflamed. Then Path reports come back no cancer bladder wash shows no insitu and biopsys are negative, I know there is a chance it will come back and I will have to have 3 month checkups. But I still have my bladder and prostate and I will take the risk. Maybe more cures will come out soon.

   Some of the things I am doing since March. I started Issaic tea two time a day, I try not to eat as much red meet and more green veges like spinich and asparagus, In May I started a regiment of herbalistic meds prescibed by an old high scholl friend that studied this in Austarlia for 8 years. I also work out every other day for at least 20 MIn. I mean I use resistinse machins and 150 setups in 4 sets.  If anyone has any questins I am more than happy to help anyone I can.  All of us are differant so what worked for me may not for you.  I also move don with my evreryday thigs and remaned possitive eccept when I had some treatments that would not let me work only two times on that issue. I am not all that religus. But I also prayed asked God to take the poisen they call cancer out of bladder , so I could continus helping people with my Missions.

skypilot Author