Neo Bladder in older healthy men?

I'm a 74 year old male retired physician/surgeon.  I've had microscopic hesmaturia for 4 years with negative urine cystology and nothing found in 2  past cystoscopies.  Gross  hematuria began in early Oct. O8–C.T .scan revealed bladder mass about 10-14 mm,cystoscopy revealed a very low tumor near upper prostate and path revealing agressive transitional cell carsonoma.  In earl November '08 wide resection was preformed  revealing tumor had penetrated the bladder muscle,  several other suspicious areas were biopsied all revealing the same cancer but no other muscle penetrating. Complete cystectomy has been prescribed by three/four urologists.  Surgery seheduled for Thursday 8 January three days from now. A neo bladder is planned if  the new ileum resivor can be hooked in to existing anotomy.

My question—has any other healthy 74 year old plus men had the neo bladder and found eleminatiing the urine so trying they would prefer to have had an ileostomy with external stoma for continuous urine drainage?  Understanding the down side of the latter is recurrent infections leading to demise in about 1/3 of the patients so trated.