new to Blog, thrilled to be here!

Hello, First of all, I can't tell you how happy I am to find this website. I have recently been diagnosed with bladder cancer. My local urologist referred me to UM cancer center for a second opinion. I saw Dr James Montie. What a wonderful person.

I have non-invasive, poorly differenciated, 70% glandular cancer. Though the non-invasive part is good, the 70% glandular is not. I have been given two options of treatment. The first is BCG treatment. I have been told by Dr. Montie that this type of cancer is traditionally not very responsive to BCG.  The second option is bladder removal, and replacement. This option would guarentee life.  I have decided on the bladder replacement. The prospect of this scares me to death. I would really appreciate some positive feedback, and success stories about the surgery, and about neo-bladders. Unforunately,the only experience I have with bladder cancer, is the death of my father. I am looking forward to hearing from fellow cancer patients, and survivors.

Jim Humphrey  Clarkston, Michigan

Jim Humphrey Author