New to this !

January 08, 2010

I am female of 58 who would like to hear from any other going through the same. I  had blood in my urine in Nov 09 & cystitis, went to my GP who gave me antibiotics but thankfully asked me to come back in a fortnight for follow-up.Although I thought everything was fine & clear I did go back where GP advised urine test still showed blood & sent me to urology dept for tests. Had ultra sound & flexible cystoscopy which showed multiple tumors. Have since had TURBT + insertion of prostetic ureter stent & am awaiting results tomorrow + details on removal of stent. Has anyone had stent removed & know if this is done under local or general anesthetic? My urologist says is 90% sure this is superficial, so hopefully I am one of the lucky ones. Maz – UK