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 Fall 2008 GP perscribes 81mg asprin after physical due to slightly elevated triglycerides, not requiring medication.  December 2008, 41yr-old male,otherwise healthy non-smoker, notices hematuria and seeks cause.  CT scan shows nothing.  Scheduled for IVP followed by Cystoscopy on Jan 8th after visit with Urologist.

 Jan 5th.  Mother flown to UW @ Madison after collapsing at home.  Mother was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2005, has had TURB and multiple BCG and repeated suspicious cytologies.  Blood pressure dropped very low several times before reaching UW.  Brain activity was minimal and was removed from life support @ 0730 on the 6th.  Bladder cancer had spread and shut the kidneys down.  Tumors were observed to be hard.  She finally let go around 2230 on the 8th.  It was hard watching her deteriorate over those three days.  She never stopped smoking.

Jan 15th.  Found outside cat frozen in the pool after picking up 8yr-old son from school.  This is not a good month.

Jan 20th.  Wife accompanies to rescheduled IVP and cystoscopy.  Cystoscopy reveals a large bladder tumor.  Doctor wants it gone by the end of the week.

Jan 22nd.  Surgery slated for 0730 with a 0545 show time.  5- to 6-cm bladder tumor removed followed by mitomycin C introduced to bladder.  Bladder spasms are not fun.  Stent placed due to the tumor's location near and around the ureteral orifice.  Catheter and stent are due to come out a week later.  Go home on the 23rd.  Dr tells us the asprin allowed the tumor to bleed more which allowed me to see it.  This led to diagnosis.  Had we not had that, who knows where we'd be.  Dr says it was aggressive, TA, superficial, high-grade, papillary carcinoma with atypia.

 Jan 26th.  Freezing rain followed by snow followed by freezing rain and we're now without power and phone.  It's a great way to rest from surgery while toting the bag around.

Jan 28th.  Stent and catheter come out.  BCG treatments to start in March, once-a-week for four weeks followed by another scope.  I didn't care for the first one, but I'd better get used to it.

 There is some light bleeding now, but I am seeing some of the dried blood come out now as the lining heals.

 I'll post the pathology, surgical report, and cytologies next.

 Just call me Doug.


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