Newly Diagnosed

My name is Tony and I live in Chicago.  I am 56, good health and physically active, non smoker or drinker. 

My symptoms are similar to others I have read in the blogs … blood in urine, no associated pain or discomfort,  CT Scan indicating a mass, and a look see with biopsy and removal of the tumor. 

 Found out last Tuesday (November 2, 2010)  that the tumor was a larger T1 highly aggressive variety.   In 5 weeks will have another look see with biopsy/removal of any visible regrowth or biopsy of area.  Immunotherapy for 6 weeks to begin shortly thereafter.  Another 6 weeks off followed by another look see.  More to come.

Attempting to say in the moment.  Keeping busy and with a (usually) good attitude.  However, I have my moments!

 Thanks for reading and share if you like.




Tony Author