Newly Diagnost in Phx

Wow, a whole new world!!!!  This past week i was diagonost at Mayo Phx with BC after a week of extensive bleeding and trips in a out of ER with plugged penis with blood clots.  after surgery on Saturday, and a few days of waiting I was informed that I had one large tumor removed and test results malignant Grade 3, type 2 cancer and that the only real cure was to have RC with Neo Bladder.  I am still in shock… Mayo recommends using a robot for surgery as recover is faster and is more precise.  Has anyone had this  procedure using this new robotics?  I am 51, avid golfer and tennis player, outdoorsman.  Very confused about why not other options exist other than, chance of reoccurrance being very high.  I am still in a lot of pain and having a lot of trouble with UT burning and trouble releasing. 


I have read most of the stories and they are pretty scary.  Seems like life will be very different with NB, but appears to be the only solution.  Am I missing something here.  without sugery, MD's give me 6 to 24 months with certain painful death from spreading to ther organs.  They do feel the cancer has not spread to surrounding tissue, but is deep into muscle tissue, but clear in imaging, blood and UA.  My questions are: 

 Are there any success stories out there where RC and NB are not used?

Is life ever going to be the same?

Is there any other good options?

Is Mayo Phx a good place to be (it sure seems so) but no references have been provided?

I have a very physical job and need to work, when is it likely (if ever) that i can back to normal life?

Worried and Concerned,  Danbj Phoenix, AZ

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