Ongoing Non Invasive Bladder Cancer

I am a 65 year old male dealing with non invasive bladder cancer for over 6 years.  During this time, I have had quarterly cystos, several BCG procedurs including Mitomycin, Interferon and Epirubicin.  During 2006, I had two quarterly cysto’s that were clear and was hopeful the worst was over.  Last cysto revealed 4 new tumours, one rather large on to of previous scar tissue.

Side effects from TURB last week have been very unpleasant, lots of bleeding, clots, painful urination.  Now scheduled for IVP to check kidneys prior to deciding on next course of therapy.  If biopsy reveals non invasive tumours, Urologist is leaning towards another round of BCG with Interferon.  After reading much on the net on the subject, there appears different schools of thought about recurring tumours and continued treatments and whether it has any effect on the recurrence.  Dr. does say "one of these days we will have to talk about removal of the bladder" so perhaps we are getting closer.  Will keep you posted after results of biopsy and IVP.

brown Author