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I had a tumor removed from my bladder in April 2009. After an overnite stay in the hospital and a catheter for about two weeks, I returned to work. The tumor was rather larger but had not invaded the bladder wall. Following the catheter removal, I began weekly Chemo treatments (Mutamycin?) directly into my bladder-holding for at least two hours. This went on for six weeks and then I graduated to monthly treatments for six months. In the mean time I have had cystoscopies every three months checking for any more cancer. There has been no cancer but the site has still not healed inside. A couple of times, the Doctor would scrape and cut part of the scab away but I went for another cystoscopy this week and it still has not healed. My daughter-in-law (Polenta8) also posted this for me in October…The Doctor asked was  I diabetic and I am not-has anyone experienced anything like this? I would really appreciate any feedback or suggestions or questions you think I should ask.

Lucy Author