Pre Diagnosis Wonderings

I am a new blogger, and I am in the pre-diagnosis stage, so I don't really know what is happening yet. I am assuming that it will all be a false alarm, and nothing to worry about, as I am NEVER sick, and have an immune system stronger than steel!

I am not really scared or aything, as I really don't yet know what we are dealing with. All I know is that I feel a little sobered to be told that they have found a tumour in my bladder, and that I need an urgent cystoscopy.

I am a 42 years young, homeschooling mum of 8 kids, and really don't feel my job here is done! So, I plan on sticking around for alot longer yet!

I do have lots of seemingly insignificant questions going around my head, that I was wondering if some of you may be able to help answer, like:

Did you get any pain? I do, quite a bit, and I am now figuring that any pain and bloating that I thought may have been bowel related, and low down in my abdomen could be because of this tumour? It has gotten worse since the haematuria showed up, and is excruciating during that "time of the month".

All I know is that it is 20mm by 15mm, and is a cauliflower shaped tumour.

My haematuria comes and goes, and I always think that all is well when there is no sign of blood in my urine, thus it took me several months to actually go see a doctor…I really don't like them very sometimes, and have always preferred natural medicine. I finally went when the haematuria got worse when it did come back, and the pains have become somewhat unbearable at times!

Any tips or thoughts that may help would be ever so appreciated.




Karen Author