prostate and bladder cancer

prostate and bladder cancer

Dear Brothers and Sisters of Cancer,

I need help!

In June of 2002 I had a prostatectomy (cancer) and a large diverticulm (with cancer) removed from my bladder. After surgery I was able to resume all normal functions. In Nov. 2004 I had high grade muscle invasive bladder cancer. Radical cystectomy Nov. 2004, no attempt at nerve sparing. Currently I am mostly contient during the day and completely incontinent at night. I am also impotent.
My surgen is strongly recommending both a penile implant and a schincter implant with a pump beside each testicle. (out-patient surgery, 10 days off work, 6 weeks before use.) AMS mfg.
What are your thoughts? Can I be completely continent again? What are the pro’s and con’s?

Thank you,


larry_bally Author