Questions about an RC & a Neo-Bladder


I am a 57 year old male named Ken. I received a TURB on November 14, 08 and I was found to have a low grade papillary carcinoma in my bladder. The doctor was unable to remove all of the tumors and I had a second TURB on Feb 19, 09. At this time, it was found that the tumor had returned and covered 45% of the inner surface of my bladder and was now growing in my urethra. The tumors were removed and I was told the reoccurrence rate is greater than 80%.

 I had prostate cancer in 2000 and was successfully treated with surgery and radiation. My prostate cancer had spread to my bladder and a portion of my bladder was removed at the same time my prostate was removed. The radiation treatment was very aggressive has scarred my bladder and urethra. My Urologist is Dr Graeme Steel at Brigham and Woman's Hospital and he has said that my bladder is very small, scarred and is no longer functioning as a bladder and he is leaning in the direction of a RC. I have several questions that are causing me a lot of concern. Should I be considering aRC? I was told that due to the extensive radiation damage that a neo-bladder was not possible; is this correct? I would like to find a Urologist in the Boston area to obtain a second option from and possible use for my surgery. Does anyone know a Urologist they can recommend?     

Ken Rust Author