Questions After Surgery – My Dad’s Story

On Friday, 4/11 my dad had surgery to remove his blader, prostrate, and lymph nodes around the bladder. The doctor was able to reconstruct a NeoBladder from a piece of his small intestine. The surgery was successful and with time he will be able to control his new bladder and function normally.

It's day 3 after surgery and as I had assumed he is in a lot of pain. He has the pain meds with the button to self medicate but he is just very uncomfortable. The nurses say he is doing very good – no fever, BP is normal, and drainage is good. I just can't find words to comfort him. He doesn't want to even hear me speak. I hurts so much to not be able to do anything for him.

How do other families deal with this?

I'm not taking anything he says personally but it hurts to see my daddy suffer so much.

Thanks for listening – Patty

Patty0501 Author