Ready to neo; Then What?

Have been through a year plus of bladder cancer treatment, bcg etc. I am looking to  neobladder in the next week to 6 weeks. It's now Nov. 26. have both fear of spoiling holidays, and giving cancer more time to spread?? Have had both bone cancer and lung cancer, surgeriers, chemos in the past 20 years and as you can see i am still alive and thankful! But i still have fears of the up coming surgery. Would like to hear from some post neo surgery people. Not just if you"re doingfine or not, but both the good and bad details, the big things and the little things. Time frames, steps forward, and steps back, complication, etc.

   I am not very literate about using blogs or forums, don't even know if there is a forum on this site that would be better fot this info. So any advice or info. would be greatly appreciated.

thanks; dave57

dave Author