Ride the Wave (T1G3)

Last post I left off with my upcoming maintenance BCG scheduled for Feb. 13th, 2008. Went in for the treatment, advised the treatment nurse of my persistent irritation in the bladder area, with no specific urinary side effects. The treatment nurse spoke with the oncology nurse, who in turn spoke with the (invisible) oncologist, and they decided to delay treatment again (3rd week in a row). They also did another urine test (that came back negative on Friday, Feb 15th). I asked to see the oncologist, to discuss BCG dose options, and turns out the oncology nurse said that was not possible that day. I suggested Dr. Lamm's protocol for patients similar to my side effects (ie. 1/3 dose – I read an interview with Dr. Lamm wherein he expressed his opinion that patients do not need to suffer, and the efficacy of a 1/3 dose is just as good as a full dose) and the oncology nurse stepped out and apparently discussed that with Dr. Invisible. (Ya, I'm a little cynical at this point since I've only met the Oncologist once since early October 2007). Oncology nurse returns advising me that 1/2 dose, it shall be next week.

Fast fwd. to treatment day: 8:00AM Feb. 20, 2008. Treatment nurse asks whether I have any blood in the urine to which I advise no. However, I indicated that the persistent symptom of irritation in the bladder area are still present. She asks whether I want the treatment. "Absolutely!" About an hour after my 2 hours of rotation duty (noon), the symptoms (normal as I see it) start. The good news is that they were not as bad. Urinary frequency and pain was quite acceptable compared to the last full dose treatment. I couldn't believe the size of the clots? or tissue? that I was passing during the afternoon. Almost seemed that the entire bladder lining had been voided over the afternoon. A little scary, but no significant bleeding while voiding. However, I felt nauseas, and got the chills around supper. I let the fever climb to 100.1F before I popped a few ibuprofen. That worked, and I went to sleep. My wife woke me up around midnight to see if my fever was still in check, and it was. But I woke up drenched in running sweat.

Next day, Thursday, no symptoms, and irritation in the bladder area appears to be gone.

Today, Friday, Feb. 22nd, 2008, bladder irritation has returned, and so have mild  urination pains (during and after voiding). Well, three more BCG treatments to go, therefore I'm thinking just to get through this, tell the treatment nurse that all is well! Then I can look forward to my next cysto, and book my prostrate biopsy after that (that the urologist wanted to do in a week from now – interesting because apparently they feed you a good dose of Cypro prior to the procedure, and I understand that Cypro & BCG aren't the best of friends).

Take care all…. 🙂


Gordo Author