Right posterior wall bladder tumor

Right posterior wall bladder tumor

In 1998, my Dad Chester at age 71 was diagnosed with an elevated PSA level. The Urologist at Hackensack University Medical Center, which he was sent to for consultation, told him he was a prime candidate for prostate cancer. The recommendation was to receive Lupron injections and undergo radiation treatments. Additionally upon further recommendation, my Dad chose radiation seed implants to treat the spread of this cancer.

In July- August of this year, he began passing blood in his urine. He returned to the same Urologist who performed the seed implant for consultation. A follow-up transurethral resection was performed where the interior of his bladder showed a solid-appearing tumor on the right posterior wall, adjacent to the right orifice, onto the trigone, and extending posteriorly and laterally from it. The specimen was removed.

The diagnosis from this specimen was termed “bladder tumor” -poorly differentiated sarcomatoid carcinoma with necrosis; arising in association with papillary transitional cell carcinoma, grade 2-3/4. Three weeks later, a follow-up biopsy was performed and the diagnosis was termed “right posterior wall bladder tumor” -high grade urothelial cell carcinoma, grade III/IV. The tumor is invasive into the submucosa and the superficial muscularis propria.

I accompanied my Dad to a follow-up appointment to the Urologist five days later where he was told he had a “bad bladder”. The recommendation was for him to receive a radical cystectomy, possible continent diversion, and possible Indiana pouch. The procedure is tentatively scheduled for Oct 29th.

I’ve read as much as I possibly could regarding the prognosis of my Dad’s cancer and the outlook is mainly dismal. I will accompany him to a second-opinion appointment he has with an Oncologist and ask as many questions as I possibly can. I’d greatly appreciate if anyone who reads this message can share with me his or her experiences that are similar to my Dad’s. Thank-you.

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