Scar tissue in urethra after neobladder surgery


My husband had neobladder surgery June 15. All was going well until an infection July 16. He was admitted back to the hospital for 4 days, he still had the malacot tube. He was voiding on schedule (only 20 to 50 cc from the tube after voiding normally) and didn't seem to have a problem. When he had the infection they told him to use the bag for the first week to keep the bladder as empty as possible and restart voiding normally and finish emptying with the malacot the second week. This is when he noticed that voiding normally wasn't going as well as before. He either urinated very little or at times not at all.  We thought it may be due to mucus blocking the opening. We called the clinic but they didn't have us come in sooner than the scheduled appointment.

Returned to the clinic July 31 for malacot removal. Our surgeon has left UW Madison for Boston so we saw a physician assistant. He told her about his concerns with voiding. She removed the malacot and then he attempted to learn to catherize, which didn't work. The nurse, pa, and finally a doctor came in and it couldn't be done. The doctor reinserted the malacot tube, but a smaller one, before this opening narrowed.

They performed a cystoscopy and found that the opening from the bladder to the urethra was way too narrow. They inserted catheters to stretch it open, this  was extremely painful for him. He was sent home with a foley catheter  and then return in 2 weeks to see if this procedure would keep it open. He doesn't think it will and will need some sort of surgery to fix this problem. 

Has anyone had this problem and what was done to correct it?


Pat Kleman Author