Scared partner

Recently I found out that my partner has been re-diagnosed with bladder cancer. She was originally diagnosed about 2  years ago and had been cancer free since then. However we just found out that the cancer is back. We weren't together at the time that she was originally diagnosed and so I'm unsure of what treatment she underwent or what the stages of her cancer are, I do know that it is not something she likes to talk about. She is only 30 years old and is one of the most health concious people I know. She doesn't eat red meat, is active on a soccer team and runs or bikes almost daily. It scares me because I do not know the details of her treatment and dianosis, I don't want her to die but I don't know what her risks are. It's so hard for me to stand by and watch her go through this not knowing what I can do to help or make it better when she won't talk to me about it. . I love my partner and i don't want to lose her, but I'm unsure of the success rates of treatment.  It scares me and I found this website and reading all of the other people's blogs was comforting knowing that there is a place where I can get answers to my questions and read the stories of other people going through the same thing. Thank-you to all of you for your words they truly help those who read them.

 With that being said does anyone know the statistics on mortality in people living with recurring bladder cancer?

crystal Author