so many questions

41 yr male with invasive type need to make a choice on how to pee from now on

surgery date june 15 2009

I've read most of this site and many links on this site but still am lacking feedback this will have to serve as my support group I found this area of the site late in the evening … hope to wake to lots of reception.

I am being offered 3 options being Ileal Conduit, Indiana Pouch, and Studer  ( i think )  pouch the latter being called the Neobladder and connecting to the ureters and the urethra.

I am seriously thinking the Ileal is what I want just for ease but all the long term complications kinda freak me out … but then with the Indiana the use of the Ileocecal valve and the terminal ileum are trippy also if this is taken from me will I have constant diarrhea or cronic bowel problems?  The neobladder after a month of being cathed and excruiating pain during any bowel/urinary movement just seem unrealistic at the moment.

I understand no method is perfect or there would only be one ..right?

just looking for feedback from some users of these devices, their experiences, and reflections.

My Dr. says they've performed this enoguh to be confident I tryed to answer questions you all might have but I am sure I left out something pertnent


Ray R Author