SOS…Need help with Dad’s Recovery…

My father is a retired NYPD Officer…and was looking forward to retiring from his second career…when his Bladder Cancer required he get a neo bladder after several months of the usual steps before getting to that stage.  He is only 65 and relatively active, loves to travel, go to AC, etc…but since his new bladder he has had one set back after another.  The biggest set back other than a bad virus that made him dehydrated and put him back in the hospital is his mental state.  This otherwise tough man has just become ornery….beyond the reasonable amount.  He has also seemed to have given up on making this whole thing work for him.  It's hard, the setbacks have given him a "why bother" attitude.  We all know the personal issues men have with their "manhood" and the challenges he also faces where that is concerned. 

Before being released from the hospital on Friday to the rehab facility, the nurses etc…said he wouldn't be able to be released to the facility without peeing for them so he sat and tried to no avail only to learn two hours or so later from his surgery team that because they had just removed the catherder he wouldn't be able to pee for 6-8 hrs…so that set him off…and back as well! 

 So off he goes to the rehab facility, a bit apprehensive to say the least but at least it's another step towards something!  He arrives and of course the red tape etc….pisses him off but is somewhat expected…& is now in a rehab facility with the hopes that some physical therapy will help him get back on track but…it's not working so well.  They admitted him on Friday remember…….and there is no physical therapy on the weekend…so he's there for "no reason"  .  Another set back….It's been like this alot…and it's a challenge…

Is there anyone who can help my dad with their experiences and perhaps talk with us/him.  He isn't even coming to these sites…he's just not there yet, so I am here…hoping for some help. 

 Im sorry if I rambled.  I just am so concerned and wanted to make sure I was clear as well.

Thanks!  Laura