squamous cell carcinoma stage T3b with fatty laye

squamous cell carcinoma stage T3b with fatty layer invaded no lymph node involvement.

My father is 73 he was diagnosed in March 2003. He did opt for chemo and radiation after the conduit was done. He has had ups and downs but for now he does feel pretty good. He has adjusted to his new lifestyle and does the same things he has always done. My mother died 2 years ago from colon cancer , so he lives alone. My fear is that squamous cell is much more rare, only 8% of the population will develop this cancer type. I would love to have survivors of squamous cell with invasive muscle involvement to email me, let me know how you are doing . I need encouragement for him as well as for myself. Although, his cancer hadn’t spread to the lymph nodes it did invade the fatty layer and I am fearful the cancer may have gotten into the bloodstream. My father did have to have his prostrate removed , but his oncologist is hopeful all is gone and he will be ok. But, encouragement from anyone who has had this cancer type I would love to hear from you.

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