Stage 1 CIS grade III

Stage 1 CIS grade III

09/2003: The Saga Begins:
My mother has always been the epitome of good health. She never drank alcohol or smoked, and has taken vitamins for most of her life. Needless to add, she was shocked to find blood in her urine in mid-September 2003. Fortunately, her PCP referred her immediately to a urologist, who promptly did a scope and told her it appeared to be cancer… most likely CIS because of the velvety, red patches visible on the bladder wall. On 09/26/2003, she had a cystoscopy and tissue was sent for biopsy. Today we received her results: Stage I, CIS grade III. The good news is that we’ve caught it early… the bad news is that grade III is more aggressive. I spoke with the wonderful people at the American Cancer Society (who are extremely friendly and knowledgeable 800-ACS-2345). They are available by phone 24/7. I was told that it is very possible that with the immunotherapy (BCG) which she begins next week, there is every chance she can beat this. It is strange, but the only risk factor I can imagine her having is that she used dark hair dye for at least 35 years.

Update 11/19/2003

My mother has just completed her 3rd BCG treatment. Complaining of some dizziness, and intense burning when urinating. The good news is that the most recent urinalysis showed no occult blood, and no sign of infection. She’s very glad to be half way through, and we are fervently praying that she’ll be cancer-free when she has her next cystoscopy and biopsy. She has begun taking Selenium, Oncovite, and quality vitamin E & C. In addition, she also began taking Ibuprofen on a daily basis (as some studies show this to be effective in preventing recurrences). We are comfortable with the idea of immuno and vitamin therapy; I honestly believe that strengthening the body’s immune system is the key to beating disease, regardless of the stage, grade or type. Of course love, laughter and a positive attitude do wonders also!

Update 1/5/2004

Mom has completed 6 BCG treatments and is doing well. She is seeing some slight blood in her urine, but the doctor says it’s nothing to worry about and it is a good sign (wonder what a bad sign would be?!) She has another cysto on 1/27 to see if the cancer is gone. Wondering if anyone else out there has had CIS, stage I, grade III and had subsequent success after BCG treatments? If so, I would LOVE to hear from you and discuss it further. Say a prayer for us.

Update 2/9/2004

Hallelujah! My mother’s biopsy results show that ALL cancer is gone! I went to the doctor’s office with her this morning, and was right there to hear the good news. Whether it was the BCG, the vitamins, the herbs or the prayers, or a combination of all four, we are ecstatically happy. She will now have a few treatments of preventative BCG therapy for good measure, and will return again in 3 months for another cysto.

Update 5/11/2004

More good news. Another cysto today showed no signs of cancer at all! Mom continues to drink tons of water, take vitamins and herbs, and she has recently removed foods containing nitrates from her diet (an article that she read in a health magazine stated that people who consume high levels of nitrates — as in hot dogs or bacon — have a 2 – 3 times greater chance of developing bladder cancer). She’ll probably never know for sure what triggered the cancer, but her preventative measures seem to be working. She will have a 3 more BCG treatments in August I think.

Update 8/9/2004

Mom went for her annual GYN exam, and her doctor examined her urine sample which was clear and contained NO BLOOD CELLS. Her energy level is excellent, and she is doing great (except for pulling a muscle in her back while moving furniture last week!) She will have another cystoscopy on August 24th, and we are confident that it will again be clear. She continues to take her vitamin and mineral supplements and drinks nothing but pure water, a little skim-milk and green tea. I’ll keep posting this board with the latest news.

Update 8/24/2004

Mom had another cysto exam yesterday. No blood or cancer cells in the urine, but the doctor spotted a small reddish area which he wants to biopsy (just to be on the safe side). She is due to have another series of BCG treatments in September anyway. Hopefully, it’s just scar tissue or irritation. If any cancer cells are seen, we’ll deal with it then. I’ll keep posting the board. Wish us luck!

Update 9/28/2004

Great news! We just returned from the urologist’s office, and mom received her biopsy results… NO CANCER! The doctor said that everything looks great, but she will still undergo 3 more BCG treatments in October as a preventative measure (apparently, the stuff works!) I just had my 40th birthday on 9/26, and mom’s normal biopsy results are the best birthday present I could have wished for. It has now been over a year since her original diagnosis, and it’s been one heck of a ride. We are looking forward to the upcoming holidays with alot to be thankful for.

Update 2/21/2005

We had a wonderful Christmas and New Years. Mom is still cancer free and feeling great. She goes back to see her urologist in March for another check-up… we are confident that the cancer is gone, gone gone! We are now officially ONE YEAR CANCER FREE!!! Thanks be to God.

Update 3/29/2005

Mom went to her doctor today for her 3 month cysto… the news was somewhat dissappointing. The doctor saw two small, reddish spots on the bladder and wants to schedule another biopsy (Geez… this gets tiresome)! Back on 8/24/2004, the doctor saw the same thing, and it turned out to be nothing… so I am praying for more of the same. Best case scenario would be scar tissue… but if it’s cancer, then at least we’ve caught it very early and in the treatable stages. I just hate to see her go through all the BCG therapies again. She is 70 years old and retired now. It would be nice if she could enjoy her retirement without constantly having worry about this. Please say a prayer for us. As always, I will keep posting on this board.

Update 4/23/2005

The prayers must have worked! After having a biopsy done, we got the results in the doctor’s office this past Thursday… NO CANCER! Apparently, after going through all the BCG treatment, my mother’s bladder gets small areas of inflammation. Well, she’s already made it more than a year without a recurrance, so NO MORE BCG treatments. She will have another cysto in July, and a final one in October… if she remains cancer-free, then she will only have to see the urologist for a check-up every 6 months. Although the BCG is a miraculous therapy, my mother swears by the antioxidants that she’s been taking, including Mitaki mushroom capsules, vitamin E (d-alpha), extra vitamin C, Milk Thistle, Selenium, etc. Although we are not medical professionals, I’d recommend that anyone who is fighting BC consider making a good multi-vitamin and other antioxidants part of their daily regimin. It certainly can’t hurt. Although getting the BC in the first place was terrifying, my mom is living proof that this is a disease that can be managed, lived with, and possibly even cured. I’m wishing everyone else on the board good luck.

Update 6/30/2005

Just a quick update: We’re approaching two years since this whole thing began, and mom is still cancer free. She goes into for another cysto in late July, and another in October. If both remain clean, then she will only require cysto every six months. She feels and looks terrific. In the two years, she has had NO recurrances! Hurray!

Update 7/27/2005

Good news! Mom went to see her urologist this afternoon for another check-up / cystosc

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