Stage II bladder cancer

Stage II bladder cancer

August 26, 2004

Found out today tumor went from stage 2 to 3 and is in the bladder wall. Uro said bladder must go. Scheduled for surgery Wednesday, Sept.8. Will have a bag because of Dad’s age, health,etc.Very disappointed because we thought the mitomycin was working. Anyway, we are blessed that we even have a choice to remove an organ – many people don’t have that choice. My dad’s biggest question right now is will he be able to sleep on his right side. If anyone has any tips for us after this surgery, please let us know. We are scared and don’t know what to expect.

God Bless,

Sept. 8, 2004
Hoped this day would never happen, but my dad’s bladder was removed today. Very long day – physically and emotionally. His surgery went well, five and a half hours, so far no complications. Only saw him a few minutes in ICU.
Looked very pale and was heavily medicated. Will go back tonite for 8pm visit. Keep telling myself how blessed we are that we even had an option to remove the bladder – some people don’t get that second chance. This site has been my lifeline since February. Thanks to all who have written to me, listened to my worries, answered my questions and prayed for my family. I will continue to pray for every person on this site and will update on my very brave dad. He now has become a “bladder cancer warrior!”

September 20, 2004
My dad remained in ICU for five days due to a low blood count. Was given transfusions and it helped. Except for coughing spells the first two days, he was never in very much pain. His intestines woke up on the third day, so that was never a problem. Was released a day earlier than the uro really wanted because of the threat of Hurricane Ivan (he named his pouch “Ivan” 🙂 Didn’t have alot of practice with changing the pouch at the hospital and had a few leakage issues at home, but once Home Health came and helped, he has become a pro. He’s adjusted emotionally well too and realizes he is blessed. Path reports showed no spread of cancer and lymph nodes were all clean. We’ve only been fighting this battle since February (seems like forever), but can finally say WE HAVE WON THE WAR!!

To all of you bladder cancer warriors, you will forever be in my prayers and keep fighting the battles until you win this war, too!!

Please let me know if I can be any help to anyone. I will continue to be involved with this website and will be keeping up with many of my friends.

Oct. 30, 2004
After being brought to the emergency room last week-end (thought he had kidney stones) and also this week-end, my dad was admitted with unbearable stomach pains. Two Demerol and morphine in the ER did not help. After many long hours and tests, he was finally diagnosed with a peristomal hernia. Nine weeks after his cysectomy, he was in surgery again to repair the part of the intestine that was twisted near the stoma. The hernia surgery went well, but he spent five days in ICU because of major blood problems (low blood pressure, platelets wouldn’t clot, reaction to a transfusion). Finally after eight days in the hospital, he came home. Ironically, he only spent seven days for the cysectomy and was in much less pain. My dad was three days away from returning to work and is starting the healing process all over again. We remain thankful that it was only a hernia (which we never knew could cause so much pain) and nothing worse. His spirits were pretty low, but he is regaining his humor and appreciation of life. Just another little bump in the road!!

April 9, 2005
Updating my dad’s progress. He has been doing great but was noticing a bulge near his stoma. Uro sent him for a cat scan and another peristomal hernia ( in same spot as the one in October and bigger) was found. Will be meeting with the surgeon Tuesday and probably having surgery on Thursday. This hernia is back after having it repaired five months ago. He is very frustrated because the hernia surgery in October kept him in the hospital eight days. We are wondering if this will be a recurrent complication every few months. Anyone who has had this problem and who may have suggestions, please let me know. We are at wits end!!

May, 2005 – began having stomach and bowel problems.
June, 2005 – three new tumors found on PET Scan – rectal, pelvic and near the stoma. Only option was chemo with a 10% chance of survival
July, 2005 – never made it to chemo – too weak because couldn’t hold down food or water. Exploratory surgery showed cancer had spread throughout his body.
August 15, 2005 – came home from one month in hospital with cancer.
August 18, 2005 – “My Hero” went to Heaven.

Please do not wait too long if your doctor suggests bladder removal –WE DID!

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