Starting CAM Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Feeling more depressed about the uncertainty and fear about RC they ((Mayo Clinic) are highly recommending to cure the cancer.  I have started to investigate every other alternative to RC and chemo, and cannot find anything other than changing my diet and getting on a very strict nutrition plan.  I have spent a couple hours at books stores and logged 20 or more hours on the web search for other alternatives.

The good news is that there are a lot of people surviving cancer based on the concept of not feeding the cancer with high fat, high oil diets.  I found several books that completely contradict the traditional medicine ( TM) approach of Chemo and RC surgery.   The sad thing is that just when you start some hope that nutrition may be the answer in to avoiding surgery, you get the medical advice that (in my case), that is will not work and that I have a 95% chance of re-occurrence.    Although my MD’s (both Oncology and Urology) highly recommend the complete change to vegan, they also are quick to say that I really have no choice but chemo and RC.  What a bummer!  There just does not seem to be anything the TM and if you choose the alternative method, your going to die.

Also, there have been some great advice that I wanted to post that I learned from some other people that have shared their diets and monitoring techniques that I thought would be noteworthy to anyone else who happens onto this post and that is some a simple urine test called  NMP-22, a urine bladder cancer marker available from private labs and simple to do (as it is urine, not blood).  This monitors how aggressively the cancer is spreading or whether it is in remission.  And checking into Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). Masses of advice, much that is contradictory, but also much that is similar (and, for me, suggestive/plausible). Use Google. But, to be honest, the info is so voluminous as to be overwhelming. So my take is essentially a collation of 12 mnths of reading all this and distilling it into a protocol (a set of procedures to follow).  As to CAM, tho’ often downplayed or dismissed by trad medicine, there is a wealth of proper scientific research to support it. See, for a good example, "Natural Compounds in Cancer Therapy.pdf" – a comprehensive collation of the research up to about 1998. More comes on stream every week (such as: recently that of fresh fruit and veg enhancing chemo; vit.C & E not making a difference).

As to chemo, please note: I, in the end, did it; and I think it worked/saved my life. I was  not as ill during it as I was told I would be. However, research ( shows that only about 2% survive it for 5 years.

Another person suggested that I have them check your biomarkers P53 etc, for mutations.  Here is the comment that I received.   >>”Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC has also conducted a study on the usefulness of p53 to guide treatment approaches. The findings of Herr and colleagues in published 1999 suggest that the bladder may be preserved for up to 10 years in patients with tumors confined to the bladder (stage T2) who lack detectable p53 if they respond completely to neoadjuvant chemotherapy. The authors conclude that patients with T3 bladder tumors or T2 p53 positive tumors are best treated currently with cystectomy”.

I am hoping that a good Anti Cancer Diet Regime, and Chemo with close monitoring can prevent the necessity for RC.  I would sure be interested in any other success stories out there.

 Thanks to Ian and Alexandra for taking so much time, to help educate me and help with my understanding and what they have discovered, that has been working for them.  This is wonderful and been very uplifting.  I love my new juicer and am feeling good about getting the right foods in my body.  I also am reading the "Complete Cancer Cleanse" by the juice lady Cherie Calbom and this is giving me more hope as well.


Fountain Hills, AZ 

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