Story of bladder cancer odessy by Rocky

Hi everyone , Well I went to John Hopkins yesterday for my preop talk, I told them that I have a habit of trying to get off the table and leave if I am not knocked out enough !( I guess thats my hiking part kickking in Rosemary !! lol ) They assured me they would not let that happen !! thanks for the forwarning .
  We stayed close to the harbor since we had the rest of the day and night to kill (we live about three and ahalf hours away). My husband and I did the tourist thing and went exploring , I FOUND A BARNES AND NOBLE !! I could have stayed there alllll night, books everywhere ! My husband sat down and let me explore to my hearts content. One positive thing about my b.c. is that I am getting to see new places I never would have got to before.
  We ate at Phillips crabhouse and I ate alot more than I normally do. The excuse was , are you ready… I was getting surgery the next day , what the heck. When we went to the hotel they wouldn't let us park our own car, take our bags to the room etc.. etc.. and you have to tip all these folks! Next time I am staying somewhere I can carry my own stuff!!! Thats how I stay in shape !

Rockyiss Author