Story of bladder cancer odessy by Rocky

  Hi everyone,  Thanks for the quotes the mother t one gave me a chuckle.
  It is lymphoma, now they just have to figure out what kind . The leg is really swollen and the worst part is not having the time to do any research  (because it is acute) to find out where and who is the best to treat this , at least with my b.c. I had time to figure out who was the best in my area (John Hopkins). I got to come home for a couple of hours today while my daughter sits with my husband so I will start trying to figure it all out.
  The staff where he is are wonderful but the place is filthy !! They call me the clorox lady because I have been scrubing his room down so much . 
    The one thing my husband is glad about is they are going to put a port in so he won't get so many needles. I got to go for a short hike at the hospital the other day when a good friend of my husband showed up to see him, I found a great path  that ended up at some really high clifts. I got to sit there for awhile and just think and chill out. I know this is a site about b.c. but this is my life with 2 cancers and I thank all of you for allowing me to post about it .
    If anyone knows anything about lymphoma I would be very happy to know what you know.  I have to go now so God bless you all and I pray you are
all in good health.  Love from Rocky

Rockyiss Author