Story of bladder cancer odessy by Rocky

Hi everyone , in Jan 2006 we got a break in our weather,(I live in the  mountains) so I was doing an early spring cleaning in my horse barn. I had been moving alot of heavy junk out all day when I had to stop and pee.Surprise! alot of blood came out, so being me I went back to cleaning figuring I probly wasn,t going to drop over dead yet. That night I was still peeing blood so I went to the er. They did a cat scan and said I had a kidney stone, the Dr. ask me if my back was hurting ,and it was but I deal with back pain all the time so it wasn,t any big deal. Went home to strain my pee for a stone but none ever came out. No more bleeding, went to see a uro. I told him for the last 18 months I have to pee all the time. I get up about 6 to 8 times a night. He said well your getting older, (54) and have had 3 kids. He talk about a scope but never mentioned cancer but did talk alot about given me meds to stop peeing so much, No thanks no more meds. It didn't seem like a scope was that important so I didn't get it . Fast forward Nov.2007 peeing blood again. Went back saw the uro again this time he scoped me .Told me he saw some polyps that needed to come out.Still no big deal made, came back to get them out, woke up to really bad pain so they gave me a shot of demerol, The Dr came in then all serious and told me he was sorry it was cancer, "say what"Took out 5 tumors. I had no warning basically this might be cancer. Don't smoke don't drink am very active.Now heres the weird part I just laughed. I read of other peoples reactions and laughing isn't at the top of the list of reactions.I almost died several years ago by a misdignosed ulcer. The Drs sent me home from the hospital telling me there was nothing wrong with me. They thought I just wanted pain meds.The next day my daughter found me passed out on the bathroom floor bleeding to death. The blood was coming out both ends. I almost died, was in intensive care for awhile got alot of blood.So I faced the dying issue back then.Also my Mom died of leukimia when I was 20.As I layed there dying I relized that I had as many days as the Lord had planned for me, no more, no less.This gives me a real peace in my life and for what ever is going to happen. Now back to the bc, it was 5 tumors kinda like cauliflower scattered all over my bladder. Path said ta grade 2. Iwas fine after the turb and I went skiing for two days the third day I really got very sick 4th day bad to, so I called the uro. Thats when I found out he had put the chemo in without telling me. But heck he didn't think I was old enough to hear I might have cancer, so whats a little thing like getting imformed  consent for doing chemo.I had a long motherly talk with this young Dr. about one. not mentioning I might have bc an two, treating without my consent. Then I left to get a 2nd opinion at John Hopkins.When i got my 3 month scope I told the Dr. my line was'well hows it look' and his line was" looks great see you in 3 months" For the first 2 scopes he knew his lines but last week he blew them!! me"well hows it look"' Dr, " I see something fluffy on the right side I want you to come back in 6 weeks to let me look again", don't ya hate when someone blows their lines!! So I have decided to call my bladder cancer Are you ready…. Fluffy! I don't know what life has for me down the road but I do know ski season starts this week and I am going skiing! But seriously I have had alot of medical problems since I got lyme disease in 81(they didn't dignose it for nine years)had nerve damage from it always in pain, had my gall bladder out ,hysterotomy because of cyst on my overys  and fibroid tumors, had pancreatitus because of block bile ducts (had surgery on it to open it up 3 times) and life is still soooo good! Whatever happens with this bc will happen and I will deal with it because I know the Lord loves me. In the meantime I will hike ,ski, hunt, ride horses and my favorite thing to do play with my grandkids and love my husband and kids. Thank you so much for this site ,all the info but more for all the love and caring I read in the hearts of the people on here. You are all very special people. love from Rocky p.s. please bear with me I know nothing about computers. lol. pss my brother had bladder cancer also (he smoked) and the cat scan I had a couple of days before the turb showed no tumors in my bladder, go figure.

Rockyiss Author