Story so far

Well I have finally got the all clear again.Its been a scary few weeks and I have really struggled to hold it all together. But we managed it eventually after going this morning for a more detailed scan my consultant seemed happy that currently all is clear.He was concerned about the swelling in my leg and pain I keep getting in my pelvic bone together with some abnormal blood results and my lack of weight gain.As you can see if you put it all together it doesnt look promising hence the scary.
However he sent me for a whole body scan at a hospital with a better scanning machine and again that came back all clear.So its good news and I have the Ok to go back to work a week on Tuesday.I have an appointment next week with the dietician to look at ways of gaining weight and have to have the blood tests redone in a month but hopefully thats it until August when it will be a year since surgery.  
I have been a nervous wreck for the last few weeks so I am really sorry if I have missed peoples posts and not been as supportive as I should have been.Hopefully its back to normal now though.We have loads to look forward to over the summer .Its my birthday next month then my friends getting married. I am being a bridesmaid together with two of my other best friends its already one huge giggle.They are all trying to get thin for the wedding and I am eating like mad to stop my chest bones looking horrid in a strapless dress.Then we are all going on their honeymoon with them.We have chartered a boat to sail round the Turkish coast so it should be fantastic.
 Hope everyone has a great weekend love Claire  

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