Story so far

Well my journey back to the real world continues.It was my first day back at work today I spent the day with a trainer to try and bring me back up to speed and will be with him again tomorrow.It feels really odd almost as if I have never been away but at the same time it feels as if its part of a different world.
  I am feeling pretty upbeat and ready for the challenge it was odd putting work clothes on this morning I have got so used to just pulling on jeans and a t shirt.To have to wear makeup and a suit seemed strange and when I looked in the mirror it didnt look like me.Although thats nothing new.Last night I was petrified and not at al sure I could pull it off but tonight I am sure I can.
My appointment with the dietician went well  and I have gained a pound in since seeing her.Which is a great result I am a bit worried about the amount of fat she is recommending I eat I might gain weight and I might survive bladder cancer but will keel over with a heart attack if I am not careful.
Anyway it was just a quick update to say I am nearly normal again or is that for the first time.
  Love and best wishes all Claire

clur Author