Story so far

Things are going well and I am starting to feel better.The girls broke up from school today but Archie has two days left so we are going to do girlie things.I am hoping we can go shopping tomorrow and the bake on Thursday its a bit one day at a time though.My long suffering best friend will come along and take charge if needs be.
I cant wait for the day when I dont have to think will I be up to that.Its such an alien feeling I have always gone at things at top speed never even thinking about wether I could do it or not.I have booked for Steve and the girls to go ice skating at Warwick castle between Christmas and New Year last year I wouldnt even have thought about not booking me a ticket and its really tough admitting that I wont feel well enough to skate.Archie and I will watch though and have copious amounts of hot chocolate and marsh mallows (yummy)
Happy Christmas everyone.

clur Author