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Well Chemotherapy is over !!!!!!!!!!!!
Its good and bad.I was supposed to have 6 cycles but was so ill last week after the first treatment of cycle five I had a much reduced second dose and they have discontinued therapy.It really is a relief I had to have my doctor or the nurse out every day last week to have anti nausea shots a saline drip and blood transfusions.I am one huge bruise my feet are covered in blisters which I cant feel because I have no sensation in my feet or fingers and still cant keep anything down.
I cant wait to feel ‘normal’ again but am worried that they really wanted to do 6 cycles to stop the cancer coming back and I have only managed 5.The nurse did say that most people only manage  2 or 3 on the doses I was having so I suppose thats a good thing.I still have the line because they expecting me to need further transfusions until my blood levels stabilise but am looking forward to loosing that.It has been a god send but is starting to get itchy where the skin is growing round it also that going is another stage to normalisation.
I have no more appointments other than a blood test on Friday until my next CT scan on the 14/2 and follow up appointment the week after.Hopefully I have had my last inpatient visit too.
 Love Claire x  

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