superficial bladder cancer, polyps on the urethrad

superficial bladder cancer, polyps on the urethra

diagnosed again 9/2003 another spot. :o( surgery again 2/2004

I was having back problems, I had always had a lot of problems with frequency but it was assumed it was from the births of my children and my hysterectomy. My back doctor sent me to see a urologist because of the problems I was having that were not related to my back. My doctor did one of the tests with the cameras and found the tumor. He removed it November 28 2001, I have to go back in march of this year to be checked, and I have already had to go back once for pain and pressure, he thinks it is the polyps that are causing this. I’m having a tough time trying to accept all this, but just keep trying thats all.

i have been diagnosed with a recurrence. i quit smoking shortly after i had my surgery in fact it will be two years jan 19 since i had a cigarette. so this to me is even scarier than the last time.

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