Superficial Cancer in the Blatter Ta Grade 1

Superficial Cancer in the Blatter Ta Grade 1

Had my 4th cystoscopy check since the TURT in June 2004. No recurrence! My doctor feels that we can bring the checks back to once in 4 mths

had my 1st cystoscopy check. All clean and well!

Today (13/7/2004) I had my second opinion appointment at the Antonie van Leeuwenhoek hospital which is the main Cancer Institute in the Netherlands.
The doctor approved the policy to have a 4 times per year Cystoscopie and 1 x per year X-IVP. (kidney photo). They will re-examn the pathology, and redo the IVP cause my belly was filled with air the first time so the photo was blur. The doctor says I have a 50 to 70 % chance of recurrence. And then it is a 90% chance that it will be the same Grade (not invasive). If I have a recurrence both my doctor and my second opinion doctor favour chemo (Mytimicine) over BCG cause they claim Ta G1 pathology reacts better to it. BCG would be better for more invasive types. Of course for me this is all hypothecical. If I have a recurrence I am shore I will try to get as much ‘academic’ evidence of the propper treatment as possible. For now i feel I am in good hands, and lucky that my case looks so good. Take care!

May/JUNE 2004

Blood in urine once. Primary doctor tested urine. and re-tested after 1 mnth. Tumor (0,5 cm) has been removed (Turt). Received 1 X Mythomicine right after surgery. I wonder whether I should aks for further preventive treatment such as BCG, even my doctor says chance of recurrence is minimal.