Susan – Delayed Diagnosis, Part II

01-29-08  Results of recent CT Scans

I talked to my nurse on the phone, not so good a way to get results. I think I'll call back and ask to pick up a copy of the report today. I did hear that my largest liver lesion had grown from 4.0 to 4.9 CM since November. And it sounds as if I have more lung nodules than before. I am confused about what to do now. My urologist wants to do cystoscopy on TH and I am also scheduled to see my medical oncologist that day. One thing has to be deferred — but which I don't know. I do want to know what impact the CT scan results will have on my treatment (currently Taxol and Gemzar), but I also am interested in learning what's going on in my bladder (and urethra). Feeling mildly "shocky" it is hard to make a decision and act. When I have more details on the results and treatment options, I'll post more
— Susan (mssmr)

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