Susan – Delayed Diagnosis, Part II

Hello all — My husband and I went to see my medical oncologist today.
As I gathered from reading the CT scan report, there appears to be many
lesions in my liver and nodules in my lungs. One of each are pathologcial
size. Due to some issues with comparability with past imaging, it is hard
to see if my disease is basically stable or progressing. The Dr. said
that it is quite a bit of disease, though, and concurred with my going
for a consultation over at M.D. Anderson in Houston and he is setting
that up. Neither of the two chemotherapy regimens I've had shrunk the
bladder tumor or mets (MVAC and Taxol + Gemzar) and he thinks getting
an evaluation at M.D. Anderson and, perhaps, seeing if I can get into
a clinical trial seems reasonable. Many they'll have other treatment
ideas, too.

My bloodwork came out good today, both CBC and metabolic profile —
except that albumin is little low. Liver enzymes and kidney function
are fine. No subjective lung issues as yet (breathing easy).

I'll let you know how setting up the consultation goes.

Please keep me in your thoughts and send along any ideas or guidance
you can offer. Being a person of faith, I join the "Prayer Warriers"
at my church weekly (if I can)for Th. evening prayers. I plan to be
there tonight.

My best to all — Susan (mssmr)

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