Susan – Delayed Diagnosis, Part II

I'm just wanting to add something that I wrote to another user of this forum a little while ago. Writing the more painful (delays, bad news) parts of my story
has been hard for me.  I find it hard to do because I do think I "should have could have" been smart and assertive enough to have gotten a diagnosis before my cancer got to be the mess it has been at and since my late diagnosis. I do not like to feel stupid, disrespected, etc. any more than other folks do. I need to put part I and II (II pre-Bladder Cancer Web cafe)behind me though and to try to learn to help myself and I hope others deal with bladder cancer — so I am trying. As my audio tape says, I'm trying "to forgive myself and others for errors of the past." But also to help others avoid some of the pitfalls. Susan (mssmr)

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