TaG3 – 6 of one, how much of the other?

Hello everyone, and thank you again for your encouraging words and for sharing your own stories.

I had my post TURBT consult yesterday to go over the pathology report. Surprisingly decent results:

1 – The tumor, my doc said, was quite small and papillary, and there was no CIS.
2 – The tumor was Ta again – noninvasive.
3 – The grade of the cancer was G1, which surprised me. But the doc said it was, moreover, at the low range even of that.
4 – The doc said that, all in all, this instance can be considered to not be a meaningful recurrence.

He, as a result, has put me on the standard 3-month surveillance program, so next cyto is set for early March. (My wife is doing well, also; technically cured at this point.)

Mindful of some of the stories on these pages, and the surprising and sudden turns that this disease can take, I am not prepared to dedicate this holiday season to this particular result, nor to enshroud it with undue pessimism. What I will do, is be thankful for the one constant I draw from these pages, which is the ever-present spirit of grace and mutual support all of you take the time and strength to offer each other, as witnessed by those so many of you have offered to me and my wife.

Happy Holidays, everyone.

jhs Author