TaG3 – 6 of one, how much of the other?

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the good wishes. I actually wound up in the hospital today. Woke up w/persistent pain in the lower abdomen. Felt nauseous a few times, and finally got sick after about 3 hours. By this time, I figured I had gotten food poisoning from eating out last night, but decided to go in anyway to make sure there was nothing connected with the BC and nothing that would complicate tomorrow’s scheduled TUR.

Diagnosis was food poisoning, but no diarrhea, so, according to my uro, no problem with the surgery as long as that remained the case (which it did). The urine test showed higher than normal level of blood cells in the urine. The uro said that wasn’t an issue either because he was going in there anyway tomorrow to check it out. To me, however – after the obligatory consideration of alternative possibilities, such as it coming from the kidney stone that was discovered in the same u/s that detected my bladder tumor – it seems that that may be evidence of at least residual tumor from the G3 tumor that was removed last month, or even a recurrence, although I suppose there may have been visible blood in that case; I don’t know how fast these things can grow.

Anyway, getting rested up for tomorrow. For me, the worst part last time was my muscles spasming at the presence of the catheter. It never really went away during the 48 hours it was in. So, probably in for another 48 hours of gritting my teeth.

Thanks again,



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