TaG3 – 6 of one, how much of the other?

Hello Judy,

My apologies; I thought the system would send email update notifications to us when someone modified a post, as well as when someone put a new one up. I’ve been modifying previous posts with the information directly related to the treatment, rather than putting a new post up each time. I guess that’s why a notification didn’t go out. I do the modifications up to the 8000 word limit. I just figured it would keep the journal more concentrated and easier to find the treatment related material as opposed to the conversational material. I should have put some filler posts in at the very beginning to hold 5 or 6 separate posts that I could modify later, filling them up and keeping everything at the front of the series. That probably would have made for a cleaner product.

The information about the pathology report is in the 26 July post, and the information about today’s first BCG installation is at the end of that post, and finishes in a post I put up just before this one to you.

Sorry again about the inconvenience. I think of you and Bob often; I hope all is well with both of you.



jhs Author