TaG3 – 6 of one, how much of the other?

Thought I’d clarify the reference to a "hood" that I made in my post about my first BCG installation on 14 August. I mentioned that the pharmacy had to prepare the medicine in the urology department because they didn’t have the hood, and for some reason I had been left with the impression that the lack of a hood was preventing me from going to the pharmacy, picking up the BCG, and bringing it back up to the department myself, which is the usual procedure; I suspected it was some sort of cover or container for the mixture. As it turns out, the BCG, once mixed, is put in a regular glass medicine vial with a membrane stretched over a narrow mouth – there’s no problem transporting it once mixed. The problem is mixing it, and the hood is an acutal hood the pharmacist has to wear when mixing the BCG. They don’t have it down in the pharmacy, so the pharmacist has been coming up to the uro dept to use theirs and mix the medicine there.

jhs Author