TCC,squamous cell in bladder..adeno carcinoma in p

TCC,squamous cell in bladder..adeno carcinoma in prostate. RC w/neobladder in MI 9/01 Chemo till 2/02

Initial story board was from Mi with different email. I was not able to add this.
3-10/02 Clean CT’s at each checkup. Continence varies. Discomfort on kidney area continues. Many urinary infections treated with Cipro.
11/02 Michigan check up. Dr. recommended dilation of urethra. Bladder was not emptying completely. Opted to have it done in AZ where we have just moved.
11/02 First appt. w/ Dr. Lamm. Immediately placed catheter. Drained “buckets” of urine. “I feel like I just delivered a full term baby.” Catheter for a week.
12/02 Cystoscopy and further dilation. Instruction in self catheriaztion. Continent day and night for the first time!

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