My GP was unavailable, so I saw one of the other doctors from her practice.  He took blood and urine samples, and though he saw discoloration, there was NO indication of blood in the urine at the time of my visit.  He consulted with a urologist, and determined that it could have been the niproxin that caused the blood (he NOT knowing the volume involved), and said we should just keep an eye on things.

During the Holidays last year (2007), I had another episode of blood in my urine.  This time, the urine was brighter orange — nearly red.  After a visit with the same doctor, he set me up immediately for a CT scan, and a cystoscopy.  After the CT scan, it was suspected that I had a tumor on, or near, my prostate (my grandfather had prostate cancer).

On my visit with my urologist (Dr. Frank Kim), he noted that it was NOT in my prostate, but in my bladder.  After the cystoscopy, he immediately set up date for a TURB, indicating that the tumor was either due to a lesion, or was in fact cancerous.  If cancerous, he felt it was very slow growing, and just on the surface of my bladder.  When I left, I actually felt confident — not in a "pie in the sky" way, but rather a contentment that, whether I was facing cancer or NOT, my life was in the hands of my Creator, who loves me, and the quality of my life is unaffected.  Unaffected, that is, unless I give way to fear.

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