The END – BCG #6

It wouldn't be complete if I didn't tell the tale of the last BCG.

 Office visit was LONG because the doc had been on vacation and everyone wanted to see him.  I told him that is a compliment to him that folks are loyal and patient.  I was the last person to go back….

 The routine was without drama.  I'm glad to have my regular urologist doing this.  His remarks were 'hey, you made it'.  I suppose not all folks finish their treatments.

 Some cramping and some horizontal spasms (first for that one).  Some blood later and some material (tissue) passed.  Affects lasted mostly for about two days.  Yesterday I had some stinging pain in the urethra, but it went away.  I hae no idea what caused that.

 So….I go back for my scope July 14th.  I'm supposed to look for any symptoms and stuff like that in the meantime.  Let's pray the stuff doesn't make a return and I'm going to do what I can to ensure it doesn't.

 Good luck everyone……


doug gregory Author