Third BCG Under My Belt (Slight pun intended)

I had treatment number three yesterday. After holding my water for two plus hours, I voided and for the first time noticed some blood. There was a bit of blood each time I went until this morning.

I went to work and had my doubts about staying all day. I felt like Chuck Norris had kicked me repeatedly in the abdomen.  I was unable to bend or lift anything without a lot of grunting and heavy breathing. I took some buffered aspirin and it may have helped some. By noon I was pretty tired but I knew I could make it the rest of the day. I had a nice ride home on the Harley and I am now very glad to have my shoes off and relax. My wife wants to check my temperature as she thinks I feel a little warm but I don't thinnk I am running a fever. 

So far it is still tolerable but my doctor still says it will get worse as we go. 

Good luck to all of you going through treatments or getting ready to start. Chin up!

Big Earl

Earl Vaughn Author