This shouldn’t be happening to me.



After two years of occasional haematuria (my doctor and I thought it was just bladder infections)  I finally insisted on an ultrasound.   Three tumours – one large and two small were discovered.   It was non-invasive  papillary urothelial carcinoma.  I was not expecting this.  After all, I don't fit the usual profile for bladder cancer ( I'm a 56 year old non-smoking female).  

I had a transurethral resection  in Canada almost three months ago but have since moved to Mexico where I will need to continue treatment.  My doctor here will be doing another cystoscopy in about three weeks followed by BCG and also a vaccine, a new treatment, using anti-bodies from my urine.  It has shown a lot of success in preventing recurrence.   

 I would advise any woman having haematuria never to always assume it's just another bladder infection!